The Janitorial Cleaning Company You Can Trust All the Time

Here in Carlsbad Bernal's Carpet Care, we understand the importance of having a clean and clutter-free workplace. This is the reason we make sure that the moment your employees arrive at the office, they can go straight to their task. They don’t have to do the cleaning and arranging anymore. If your office is in Carlsbad, CA, you should come to us for janitorial cleaning.

We have been in the cleaning industry since 1992, with our experience, you can expect a clean, fresh-smelling and well-arranged office all the time. Here are the areas we clean in our office cleaning service.

General Areas

On a daily basis, we will dust off the glass window and window sill, desks, tables, wall, and other surfaces. We will vacuum the carpet or clean any flooring that you have. Arrange the clutter in the area and put them in a corner so they can be easily accessed. All the trash bins will be emptied and cleaned as well. On a weekly basis, we will clean the fixtures and decorations.

Office Proper

We will dust off the cabinets and desk surfaces. We will keep the area clutter-free by putting everything back to their place. All the paper that is on the desks will be put on one side.


All the toilet facilities will be cleaned and sanitized. All of the surfaces will be cleaned and dried thoroughly. Toiletries such as tissue paper, soap, and hand sanitizer will be refilled. The walls will be cleaned and dried as well. You can expect a germ-free washroom.

Kitchen or Break Room

We will clean all the counters, tables and sink. All the kitchen fixtures and appliance will be cleaned accordingly. We will make sure that there will be no garbage left in the room. We will remove the trash bin and clean it before returning it.

To ensure sure that your office is thoroughly cleaned, well-arranged and properly disinfected, you should come to Carlsbad Bernal's Carpet Care. Call one of the go-to janitorial cleaning companies in Carlsbad, CA at (760) 662-7665.